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Getting Rich in Two Steps

First, how much money do you need to be rich? steps

To be clear – we’re talking in the money way, not other ways. I would get tired of trying to type out all the different ways you can be rich. Relationally, Spiritually, Emotionally, etc. Don’t discount these other things, but we’ll stick with money (which can help with those other things sometimes).

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Welcome to Crisp Retirement!

Welcome to crisp retirement! Why name this page crisp? Basically because it sounded good to me. I like crispy bacon and certainly don’t mind crisp dollar bills either! Speaking of crisp dollar bills and turning to my real topic – you can’t retire without saving money, so quit spending so many crisp dollars bills and start saving them! Yep, it’s yet another personal finance blog talking about retirement, but it’ll explore other topics that fit in the world of money too!

Why start yet another blog on early retirement?

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